Le Printemps à Genève | Geneva Kizomba Festival NO.1

Updated: Aug 12, 2018

Think back to all the festivals you’ve visited... Now tell me, which ones were the best? Yes! The festivals that brought you to another world. The ones who’d not only let you dance, but which felt to you like vacation for a weekend, spent with friends.

For 4 days, Geneva Kizomba Festival let us escape from daily life and made me experience the most amazing weekend filled with amazing dances, the best music, too many smiles and sight-seeing its beautiful city 🤩.

The Change

Due to the original venue closing down just a few weeks before the festival, the organisation had to make a lot of changes. Luckily, they found a new, luxurious location to make sure the festival would not suffer from this misfortune: Crowne Plaza Geneva. And so as a bonus: many guests got a free upgrade to this 4 star hotel!

“The location we had now was a lot more expensive, but I wanted to do everything in my power to make sure that the visitors would enjoy.” - Freezy, organiser of GKF

For the ones staying at the Ramada hotel, we were welcomed by the very kind staff and lovely rooms. I will miss the comfort of these beds... hehe 😍

When we came back from a day of sight-seeing, we found a little bag at our door knob. Curious to what it was, we snatched it open and found this adorable box of macarons and Toblerone, accompanied with a little card: Dear guests, I told you yesterday, I will try. It’s done! Enjoy it ... Francis

The kind hotel staff shared its local sweets with us. How cute is that! Thank you Ramada Encore Genève❤️️

The Locals

Not only did GKF attract dancers from all over the world, even locals from outside the community joined the festival. I spoke with one of them and his words were heartwarming. “I found it a very pleasant welcome. The hotel was beautiful and from a man’s perspective, it was so nice to be asked to dance too. For me, with my roots in the Caribbean, the second room playing the classics was so good! Not to forget, you meet people from absolutely everywhere. I danced with a girl from Spain, Poland, South-America, the Netherlands and so on!”

The Venue

Crowne Plaza was a good match with the festival's high-class city. An amazing four-star hotel with for many, the luxury of an all-in-one event and very minimal distance to the airport. Now rated with a whopping 8.5/10 at Booking.com by 1082 verified reviews 👏. Because this was such a success, it will be the home of next year's Luxury Edition as well!

It had a fancy, but home feeling. Two rooms are dressed with warm carpet, a hardwood floor, an amazing chandelier and the best DJ line-up to play both urban kiz and kizomba/semba. Just what was needed for the day programme of socials and workshops, and the nightly parties. The floor wasn’t too big, because unfortunately, another event in the hotel had claimed half of it. But honestly, after dancing many hours: taking off your shoes and dancing on the comfy carpet was greattt!Unanimous opinion ... 🔝🔝🔝 A big thank you for this crazy weekend 🔥 Special mention to Kouawo Bruce and all his staff who made this festival live in a good mood. My thanks to the DJs, the dancers and all the others for these moments of sharing and beautiful energy - Marion

The Festival Programme

In the line-up was a mix of artists and DJs from the old and new generation, a perfect balance of both worlds! During the day, workshops in all styles were held in the hotel.

Urban kiz, kizomba, semba, afrohouse, lady styling, dance technique and even a master class by Papelini!At night, we got to enjoy both “Urban kiz/Douceur” and “Kizomba/Semba” DJs, in two party areas. Both had a great atmosphere!!

“GKF 2018 Thanking the great teachers and masters of kizomba for the great teachings. Tony pirata/Lydia , Mike Even's, Jp/Stephy, Mr Tecas, Oncle Kani/Black Cherry. We feel tired but grateful 📷😊📷😊📷😊. Wonderful event. Big up to the organization.” - Girish

The City

Geneva is a city with many faces. While the sun was slowly setting, we arrived by plane that Friday evening. Clouds were highlighted by the last sun rays and behind the snowy mountains, the infamous lake appeared!☁

If you visit Geneva Kizomba Festival edition 2, don’t hesitate to visit the city! Add a few days to the festival to make it into a little holiday, or sneak in some hours during the festival to go sightseeing this beautiful city.

Spring is the perfect time for city trips. Fresh air and warm sun accompanied us when we took a stroll through the old town and around the lake. We even ate breakfast at the lake’s side Monday morning, before catching our flight back. Between all the luxury and business of Geneva, you will find more nature than you’d expect! Swans floating on the crystal blue lake, impressive mountains reaching above every building, beautiful parks and rivers...

The Next Edition

Next year, everything will be in one venue. The hotel will take care of a shuttle service between the airport and the venue. We will build a stronger organisation. A unipass will be introduced to take care of the ratio between men and women. This is something we really value, so it’s worth giving up the difference between party and full passes.So, for this luxury edition: all you have to do is grab your plane ticket, take off to Geneva and let yourself be spoiled all weekend long in one venue. For real though, there is everything you could wish for: a pool, a barber, wellness & massage, a sauna, fitness and a beauty salon.

Thank you Kouawo Bruce and the team for an amazing festival last weekend in Geneva! See you there next year. - Katrin

“Goodbye Geneva!! It was a pleasure!!! Great festival!! Amazing people!! I enjoyed every moment...” - Khadim

Want to experience it too? Check out next year’s Luxury Edition right here. Questions or comments: feel free to drop them down below!

Yours faithfully,

Vera Wilders 🖋

All photos and writing by Vera Wilders | *Exception: Crowne Plaza GenevaThanks to Kouawo Bruce and Zineb Kabbaj for having me. For inquiries: DM at Vera Wilders or https://www.instagram.com/vera.wilders/